Where can I find a reliable cleaning business?

Where can I find a reliable cleaning business?


There are now so many cleaning companies to choose from within Newport. However, finding the right company, that is reliable, and can also offer a professional service, whilst also charging a fair price is difficult to find.

Quite often our new customers will tell us that they made the change to us because their last cleaning company wasn’t offering good value for money.

However, we are different, that’s because we always keep standards high, we achieve this by having our management team based right here within Newport. Our management team spot check our cleaners work from time to time, ensuring that we offer excellent value for money.

We offer a reliable service

Whether you own a 1-bedroom flat within Newport’s city centre, or you run an office premises that needs cleaning every evening, quite simply put, we can help you.

We can clean the following types of buildings:

  • Offices, pubs and restaurants
  • Homes of any size
  • Retail spaces, such as supermarkets or shops


We offer an affordable service

Certain national cleaning businesses can sometimes charge expensive rates for routine cleans of offices or commercial buildings.

However, we are different, no matter if you require an office cleaned, or a home cleaned, we always charge low prices.

Do you require your home to be cleaned by a reliable cleaning business?

So, if you are fed up with your current cleaning business, why not make the swap to us? Here are some of the other advantages of using us:

  • We cover the whole of Newport
  • Large team of cleaners
  • We have a management team based within Newport