Save money, save time with Privileged Properties

Save money, save time with Privileged Properties


When you’ve been stuck in heavy traffic, on your commute home from work, the last thing you will want to start is a ton of housework.

The sight of those mucky coffee mugs, the carpet that requires a deep clean, and the laundry that needs washing- well the mere sight can mentally fatigue many people.

Do not fear, there’s a reliable and conscientious cleaning service that’s just a phone call away- why not give us a ring today!

Domestic cleaning service

You may be currently cramming in cleaning tasks before and after work, but you may be finding that this is eating into your spare time.

So the perfect solution is to call us. Whether you want an intensive clean every single day of the week, or perhaps just once a week, we can fit our schedule around you.

We can help you to save money

Some cleaning businesses can charge an absolute arm and leg. We don’t believe in charging expensive prices, that’s why we operate a clear pricing structure.

Our prices are some of the lowest that you are likely to find within the Newport area, but do not fear this doesn’t mean corners will be cut.

We employ diligent staff, and we pride ourselves on having a long list of customers who use our cleaning services.

Don’t waste your time

So, if you have made the decision that it’s time hire a cleaning business to clean your home, why not give us a ring?

We are a friendly bunch, best of all we are based in Newport. So, if your looking for a local business, they don’t get more local that us.

You can set your watch by us!

Some cleaning companies can write a book on excuses for why they didn’t show on a particular day.

Often the real reason is the cleaning business just has unreliable staff. We are different, that’s because all of our cleaners are experienced, and enjoy their work, so this means we simply have a more committed workforce.

This is telling, as when you fly through the front door after work, your home will look super clean.

Return home from work and stick your feet up

You’ve been working hard all day, save yourself the bother and let us carry out your cleaning tasks for you.

Here’s some of the tasks we can help out with:

·        Hoovering

·        Indoor window cleaning

·        Cleaning surfaces

·        We can clean the kitchen, including those stubborn stains on the cooker

·        Mop the floors

·        Clean your surfaces and get rid of any dust

We have your cleaning duties covered!

So to put it into a nutshell, we offer a brilliant cleaning service that isn’t going to cost the earth.

Why not give us a ring, more often than not, after a quick chat, we can offer you a quote over the phone.