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Our commercial cleaning company can also clean large offices

Our commercial cleaning company can also clean large offices


The city of Newport, as well as Cardiff is now home to many large businesses, and this means that these businesses will often require a reliable commercial cleaning company.

Some of the buildings may well be large call-centres, which can employ many hundreds of people, and some buildings that require a cleaning company may well be home to other large global companies.

Yet, regardless of what products or services these companies offer, they all have one thing in common, and that is the interiors will often need to cleaned on a daily basis.

Therefore this is where these businesses often need a reliable cleaning business, and this is where our company can help:

We can offer:

·        Regular office cleaning

·        We can clean large offices or small offices

·        We can clean shops

·        We offer a reliable service

 Here are some of the cleaning tasks that we can offer:

·        Office cleaning

·        Carpet cleaning

·        Internal window cleaning

·        Cleaning of workspaces

·        Emptying of waste bins

·        Cleaning of staff canteens

·        The cleaning of stair cases and corridors

·        Cleaning of meeting spaces

We know that offices don’t just work your typical 9 to 5 day anymore

We know that it’s simply not possible for some businesses to work a standard 9 to 5 working day anymore.  Often businesses in Cardiff and Newport may not close now until late in the evening.

That’s to say when customers return home from work, often they expect for some businesses to still be open so that they sort out their bills, or to place an order with a business.

This therefore means that many businesses want a cleaning company that can clean a call centre or the office in the evenings. So, this means that often companies want a cleaning company that’s flexible and work around when the business is taking calls from their customers.

The reason for this is its often not practical to have a noisy hoover buzzing away when in another part of the office may well be still taking calls from customers.

This is why we employ cleaners that can clean your office when you want, whether that’s during the day or in the evenings.


We are increasingly gaining new customers because we offer a reliable and affordable service.

We are gaining more and more customers, as companies are now switching to commercial cleaning companies that offer better value for money. We offer excellent value for money as our company aims to retain our customers through offering a reliable service.

Many of customers state how their last cleaning company were sometimes failing to offer good customer service, where carpets and desks may not have been cleaned to a satisfactory standard.

For example, the business may well have got fed up with meeting rooms looking untidy, or even staff having to clean the kitchens for example, because the cleaning company was not completing their duties.   

This can mean that offices are left looking rather untidy. However, this is where we can offer a totally different cleaning service.

And this is why our clients stay with our commercial cleaning company for many years, and that’s simply because we offer good value for money.

How we keep standards high

Often a business will employ a new cleaning business, and at the start the cleaning company may offer a really good service.

That’s to say carpets may well be hoovered to a good standard, and it may seem the cleaning business is delivering on what’s been agreed.

Yet, sometimes cleaning standards can soon slip, and some cleaning companies may soon get complacent and not clean offices to a good standard. And that’s often due to management not ensuring that the cleaners fulfil their cleaning duties.

However, as coffee spills on desks get neglected, and carpets start looking like they are well overdue a clean, also while rubbish starts to accumulate around the bins, it often doesn’t take long before it becomes obvious the cleaning company is not delivering.

Yet we offer a totally different type cleaning service if you choose our commercial cleaning company, one where we offer excellent value for money, and we make sure that we offer a consistently good service to every one of our customers.

This is why we employ a team of managers, and our managers sometimes will randomly spot check our cleaners work, and this is how we are able to make sure that we are offering a reliable cleaning service.

We offer free quotes

We understand that different businesses often have different cleaning requirements. For example, some businesses may have kitchens or a coffee shop within the office, therefore often these businesses require a cleaner to attend on a daily basis during the week.

However, some businesses, such as a solicitor’s practices or for example a car show room, well these businesses may only want a cleaner to attend say once a week.

We also have experience of cleaning a range of different businesses from luxury hotels, through to shops and also restaurants.

We have a large team of cleaners

We have many cleaners that work for us, this means that if you are looking for a commercial cleaning company, that’s able to clean a large office, well, why not call us?

Why not give us a call?