Many businesses that are based here in Newport require a reliable commercial cleaning business.

This is where we can offer your company a reliable and cost-effective way of keeping your office clean. That’s to say many businesses rely on us to clean their office space, staff canteens and meeting rooms to a very high-standard.

This means if you are looking for a commercial cleaning company that’s located in Newport, well, you don’t need to look no further than Privileged Properties.

Why choose our cleaning business?
  • We work with large and small businesses
  • We can clean most commercial buildings, ranging from factory offices, through to large call centres
  • We offer a reliable service 

Why choose Privileged Properties as your commercial cleaners?

There truly are a lot of commercial cleaning companies to choose from, however many businesses within Newport choose us because we offer affordable prices.

Our business started by only cleaning residential houses within Newport, yet as word spread of the high level of customer service that we offer, we were being asked to clean more and more offices as well.

This is when Privileged Properties launched our commercial cleaning business. Our cleaning company has gone from strength to strength here in Newport.

We work with companies that are household names, yet we also offer very competitive prices, so we still work with many smaller companies as well.

We therefore offer both a residential and a commercial cleaning service.

So, why not call us today, so that we can offer your business a no obligation quote?


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