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Looking for a commercial cleaning company?

Looking for a commercial cleaning company?


Many people within Newport already know that Privileged Properties offers a domestic cleaning service.

Yet, with that said, some people do not know that we also clean many commercial buildings as well.


For example, our cleaning business cleans:

·        Offices

·        Shops

·        Large call centres

This means our hardworking cleaners clean many offices, shops and other sorts of commercial buildings right across both Newport and Cardiff.


We can clean any size of office

You may run a solicitor’s practice that’s located right in the city centre of Newport, or you may well be a large insurance company, and your office premises may well have many thousands of workers that work in that office.

Regardless of the size of the office which your business occupies, we can offer your business:


·        A reliable commercial cleaning service

·        Friendly staff

·        Our cleaners can clean any size of office

·        We can clean call centres, through to shops


There are now so many commercial cleaning companies that are based in Cardiff, as well as Newport, yet we believe we can offer you a great service, one which your business can rely on.

Here’s why so many businesses choose our domestic and commercial cleaning services:


·        Reliable

·        We offer value for money

·        Our cleaning company is based here in Wales


Cardiff offices

There are also many commercial cleaning companies within Cardiff, and this stands to good reason, as there are so many offices and commercial buildings located within the city of Cardiff.

Yet, so many businesses choose us simply because we employ hard working staff. Our staff ensure that we clean every office to a high-standard, and because of this we are able to retain businesses for a very long time.

We also don’t just clean office spaces, such as just the areas where your staff work, we can also clean:


·        Staff canteens

·        Litter picking in staff car parks

·        Hoovering stairs and walkways

·        Meeting rooms


Newport office cleaners

Whether your business is located in Newport docks, or your business is based in the city centre of Newport, we can offer you a reliable cleaning service.

Some offices are still taking calls from customers in the evening, yet because our cleaning business is flexible we are able to clean offices at a time that best suits your business.

Plus, many offices have a very large number of staff, so as you can imagine its very easy for staff canteens and meeting rooms to start looking messy.

With coffee spills on desks, and waste overflowing from bins, some companies want us to clean their offices on a daily basis.

We therefore attend some businesses on a daily basis, and we ensure that when the next working day starts that the office looks spotless.


Why use our commercial cleaning services?

Simply put, we make sure that we only employ hardworking cleaners. Many businesses both in Newport as well as Cardiff have called us because they have dissatisfied with their previous cleaning company that they have employed.

They call us because we can offer a reliable service instead, and we make sure that we clean offices to a high standard.

We ensure standards are kept high because we employ a management team that’s based here in Newport.

Our managers ensure that we only employ hardworking and friendly cleaners.

We therefore randomly spot check our cleaners work when they are busy cleaning offices, this is to ensure that offices are cleaned correctly and that we are offering a good quality service to our valued customers.



Some cleaning businesses have a huge turnover of staff, however we take a totally different approach.

We only recruit reliable cleaners, and most cleaners have been in the cleaning profession for a long time.

Our company culture also means that we aim to retain our cleaners for as long as possible.


Do you need your office cleaned daily?

So, no matter if you have a small office, and you would like it cleaned just once a week by our cleaning company, or you are in charge of a large office block, we can offer you a reliable cleaning service.


How much do your commercial cleaning services cost?

Normally we visit each office or retail space, so that we can meet with management and understand what the business would like cleaned and how regularly they would like the office space cleaned.

Then we can offer you a no obligation quote. So, if you would like a quote for office cleaning, well why not give us a ring?