How should I choose between all the various domestic cleaning businesses?

How should I choose between all the various domestic cleaning businesses?


It’s fair to say that there are now ample cleaning businesses for you to choose from. There are now many large national cleaning businesses, and a huge amount of sole trader businesses.

Yet, behind all the catchy marketing slogans it can sometimes be difficult to know which cleaning business to choose.

After all Newport, within South Wales is a large city, which means there are many domestic cleaning companies.

So if you are struggling to know which business to choose then this article will help you.

Don’t get distracted by initial offers

Often a glossy flyer will be posted through a door, stating that the first weeks clean is for free.

Sometimes some cleaning companies even offer a low price, for say a month, so that they can sign the homeowner up to a year long subscription.

Well we are very different, we don’t believe in offering low prices to grab your business, we instead offer a quality service, that’s offered at a fair price.

Here’s what our business can offer:

  • Oven cleaning
  • End of tenancy cleans
  • Residential and domestic cleaning
  • Affordable prices


Sometimes some businesses set themselves up, and believe that they can clean vast amount of homes with a very limited amount of staff.

What normally happens when a cleaning business tries to book in too many customers, is that quite often this will mean that a substandard clean is offered to the customer.

Perhaps crumbs are left on the kitchen worktops, or perhaps smudged windows will obscure your view out onto your garden.

What is really needed is an established cleaning business, one which will take the time to get the job done right.

Local business

A lot of people choose our business because we are based locally. This means our management team are all here within the city of Newport.

This means if a customer has a question, well we are only a few minutes away so that we can come and meet you, or answer any questions that you may have.

Switch companies that repeatedly up their prices

Sometimes you will be with a business that you are very happy with. Perhaps all the staff are very friendly, and they may arrive at your home on time.

Yet the business that they work for, well they may well be constantly trying to increase the direct debit amount, and the cleaning service may well become very expensive.

This is a major reason why so many homeowners switch their domestic cleaning company and start looking for another business to use.

We are a residential cleaning business that’s different, we only charge fair prices, and we always aim to retain our customers for a long period of time.

Choose a company that listens

Now this may sound a really basic requirement, but some homeowners can find it hard to find a cleaning business that actually follows the instructions that the homeowner sets.

For instance, some homeowners may want to supply their own cleaning products, such as certain kitchen spray that they want used on their worktops. Sometimes this is because products are designed for use on a certain wooden worktops.

We as a cleaning business listen to what our customers want, and we can then issue a cleaning checklist and instruct our cleaners to follow that list.

Domestic cleaning

We realise that no two homes are ever the same, and this means we will need to understand how often you would like your home cleaned, and what you would like cleaned on each visit.

We can then offer you an affordable cost for cleaning your home. Sometimes some homeowners just want help hoovering the home, or cleaning the internal windows.

Some other customers will want their home cleaned from top to bottom on a regular basis, this means we can often listen to what you want, and often we can offer a quote over the phone.

We are successful due to our high levels of customer service

So many businesses still get away with quickly hoovering a home, and quickly wiping down a few surfaces.

This can be the same for both commercial office spaces, as well as homes. Yet, we believe that it doesn’t take very long for the business owner, or homeowner to realise that they are not getting good value for money.

We have some customers that will want the majority of the time spent cleaning the kitchen, some others may want to living room to be the main focus of our work.

No matter where in your home you want cleaned, we offer excellent value for money.