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How often do we need our offices cleaned?

How often do we need our offices cleaned?


A lot of us will have worked in an office where it can sometimes feel that the working environment could be made cleaner.

This could be because meeting rooms have been left rather untidy, often due to rubbish left over from a previous meeting.

Another common issue would be desks left to accumulate dust, which doesn’t exactly make employees feel like they are working in clean office and are valued.


So what’s the solution?

Well, we believe you should hire us as your commercial cleaning business.

We employ reliable staff, plus we cover the whole of Cardiff and Newport which is located within South Wales.

So without further ado, lets look at some of the questions we ask ourselves when working out how often your offices should be cleaned.

How often will we require our offices to be cleaned?

If you have offices that are accompanying a building that manufacturers goods, well often these buildings will require extra cleaning.

The reason for this is often the dust and that dirt from warehouses often travels through the rest of the building.

If you also have a lot of staff in your offices then quite often the company will require us to clean the offices daily.

Often bins can quickly start to overflow, plus carpets and meeting rooms can quickly become messy, that’s unless you hire a commercial cleaning company.

Commercial cleaners Cardiff

We clean many offices, this ranges from your small offices sometimes above shops, right through to large call centres where there are many hudreds of staff sometimes.

We can therefore offer reliable cleaners who can empty your bins, clean desks, hover floors, wipe down kitchen areas and generally clean your offices.

So whether you run a large insurance business, and require your offices to be cleaned daily, or you run a small business, that possibly only have a few staff and a few desks, we can help.

Many business ask us to clean their offices daily, so if you would like a quote then do not hesitate to get in touch.


Do your kitchens need to be cleaned?

One area of any office that’s bound to get messy and untidy faster than any other room is the kitchen area.

With soups being warmed in microwaves, then being splashed onto kitchen worktops, and spoons used to mix instant coffee being left on the side, it’s easy to see why many business ask us to clean their kitchens daily.


Large number of employees?

Some office cleaning companies simply do not have enough staff to clean a large office, yet we do.

We can clean any sized office, so if you run a business that employs hundreds of staff, then you will need us to clean your offices.


Do you have meeting rooms?

Imagine this, you have a visitor to your offices and you want them to purchase a large order from you.

Yet when you walk into the meeting room, that you have booked there’s rubbish on the table, over flowing bins, rubbish on the floor and food crumbs all over the meeting room table- this doesn’t reflect well on the company!

So this is why many businesses hire us to be their office cleaning company, and that’s because we can arrive at your offices daily and make sure that your offices are clean and tidy.


Car park areas?

Are your offices based near shops and other offices? Does rubbish blow into your car park, and then get caught in the hedge rows?

Well, this is where we can help, we can offer cleaners who can litter pick your car parks as well.

Why hire an office cleaner?

Some businesses are put off from hiring an office cleaner, simply because they believe that the cost each month will be high. Sometimes the business just asks its staff to clean the offices.

However if you are looking for an office cleaning company that can offer affordable prices, then why not hire us?

Can you clean any size offices within Cardiff?

Yes, from offices that have many floors, which also employ many hundreds of staff, right down to offices that just have a few desks


Why not hire our office cleaning company?

So often most businesses require their offices to be cleaned each day, therefore often our customers will instruct us to clean kitchen areas, carpets and also meeting rooms daily.

Then every other day desks may need to wiped clean, to remove dust and food crumbs, also sometimes the business will ask us to empty bins once a week.

We can therefore clean your offices as frequently as you would like, we cover the whole of Cardiff and also Newport.

So if your business needs an office cleaning company, then why not call us?