Do you need a cleaning business to clean your offices?

Do you need a cleaning business to clean your offices?


Newport is home to a lot of offices, some of these offices are occupied by global companies, whilst there are also many smaller businesses as well.

Yet no matter how large the business is, one thing is for sure, and that is most businesses need a reliable cleaning business.

And this is pretty crucial, as let’s face it who wants to walk into an office that doesn’t look clean?

That’s right, it doesn’t exactly bode well on the company’s image if the carpets are dirty.

So, this is why countless businesses give us a call. Here’s what we can offer your business:

Okay, so what makes your business so different from the rest?

Well, sometimes some businesses think that all cleaning businesses offer the same thing, yet the level of service that some business can offer can be worlds apart.

What makes our business so different from the rest is that we never take our customers business for granted.

What we mean by this is we are committed to keeping our standards very high. We believe this is how we have managed to retain our clients for many years.

We therefore clean retail spaces, right through to large offices. We have earned a good reputation for offering high-levels of customer service, whether that’s through our domestic or commercial cleaners.

We therefore clean for our customers on a frequent basis:

  • Staff canteen areas
  • Office spaces
  • Carpets and flooring
  • We can clean internal windows
  • Desks
  • Kitchen areas
  • Meeting rooms

We also work with some instantly recognisable brands, therefore whether you just want your meeting room cleaned once a week, or an entire office cleaned from the top floor, to the bottom floor we can help.

So how much does your cleaning company charge?

We offer very competitive prices. Many of our customers choose us because we offer such affordable prices, yet the standard of our cleans also kept very high, this we believe offers our customers much better value for money.

And how are our standards kept high? That’s a good question, we keep our cleaning standards high by having our management team based right here in Newport, so we can ensure that we manage our operations more closely than some other commercial cleaning businesses.

For example, we vet all our staff to ensure they are motivated, we never want to employ any cleaners that do not meet our very high standards. Above all else we want to keep our customers happy and have a dedicated team of cleaners that offer a reliable cleaning service.

Okay, sounds good, but we have a very large office can you cope?

Throughout Newport there are countless large businesses, some are call centres and some are national headquarters for large businesses.

Some cleaning businesses may not have the resources to cope. For example, in large office premises there may only be a couple of hours where the cleaners can clean the office.

Yet, we do have a large team of cleaners who can clean any sized office.

This means we can assign cleaners to clean your staff canteens, whilst other cleaners work through the building cleaning each floor of your office.

We have several offices and retail premises, are you able to clean more than one of our building?

Sometimes our customers will have more than one business location within Newport.

For example, a coffee shop chain may have three shops in Newport alone. We are therefore able to clean multiple shops, or offices for one customer.

How much does it cost to use your commercial cleaning service?

Our prices are very affordable, yet most customers will require different amounts of our cleaner’s time. For example, some our customers would like canteen areas cleaned every day, while office spaces cleaned once a week.

We therefore listen carefully to what our customers want, and we then arrive at a very competitive quote.

You can obtain a no obligation quote by e-mailing or calling us.

Which areas do you offer your commercial cleaning services to?

We serve businesses that are based in the city of Newport, South Wales, U.K.

Can we obtain recommendations from any of your existing customers?

Yes, we have many happy customers that use our cleaning service, and we would be more than happy to put you in contact with some of our current customers.

Can you clean offices in the evenings when our staff have gone home?

We have many cleaners that work for us, this means that our cleaning business can work outside of normal working hours.

We regularly clean offices, and also shops when the office or shop is shut for business. This means we can minimise disruption for our customers.

How will your commercial cleaners know what areas to clean?

Some of our customers have large offices, which means that there are normally large reception areas, meeting spaces and also the different floors of the office that all need to be cleaned.

So that our cleaners know which areas to clean, we normally agree a cleaning plan with our customers.

This is a checklist that our cleaners are issued with, they then follow the checklist so that they know which areas of the workplace to clean.

Are your cleaners experienced at cleaning offices?

We understand that many of our customers only wish to hire experienced cleaners. As our customers want a team of cleaners who can work efficiently in order to produce a good standard of cleaning.

We employ experienced cleaners, and we already clean many offices that are based here within Newport.

How do we obtain a quote?

Obtaining a quote is easy, just drop us an e-mail or alternatively our office manager can be contacted via: 01633 668976