Prices that are truly affordable

Prices that are truly affordable


Okay, let’s be fair, when we think about hiring a cleaner, most of us will believe it will be truly expensive, and also a luxury only the wealthy can afford.

So this got us thinking that we must spread the word, and that is that hiring a domestic cleaning business within Newport is truly affordable.

Also you don’t have to have one of our cleaners spending massive amounts of hours cleaning your home each month.

If you would prefer for us just to clean your home for say a few hours per week, well we can do just that.

We clean properties of all sizes

It really doesn’t matter if you own a mansion, or a 1 bedroom apartment, one thing will remain constant, that is we offer low cleaning prices.

It’s fair to say that some cleaning businesses can encourage a customer to sign up to a contract, and that’s normally achieved through offering a few cleans for free.

However, more and more people are finding that some domestic cleaning companies can sometimes offer a disappointing clean. Meaning those coffee cups are not cleaned properly, and that those bread crumbs remain on the kitchen worksurfaces.

We can clean as per a cleaning checklist

There are some things you may wish us to do for you each time we visit your home, like load the dishwasher. With that said, there are some tasks that you may only want completed once a week, or say once a month, like cleaning the internal windows of the home.

However, every single customer will normally have a different set of requirements, which is where a cleaning checklist can become very handy.

A cleaning checklist can be left for one of our cleaners to see, this way when your busy at work, you can rest assured that one of our diligent cleaners will be cleaning your home just the way you like.

Don’t pay over the odds

There are some residential cleaning companies that take their customers business for granted. This means that some may hike the price of their cleaning services, or just offer a clean that is below a good standard.

We are very different, we strongly believe that the prices that we charge must always be affordable. We also believe we offer a good quality of service that always listens to what our customers want.

Elbow grease

Some cleaning businesses can sometimes do the absolute minimum. This can mean that as you walk in from work, the carpets can still look uncleaned and the kitchen may still require more cleaning.

This is where we are different, we have staff that simply offer a quality service. From cleaning dusty window sills, through to hoovering the stairs carpet, we always aim to offer value for money.

Ensuring you get a fair deal

Sometimes some cleaning staff, that work for some companies will be under pressure to clean a certain amount of homes per day.

This can mean that some staff don’t see cleaning your home to a high standard as a priority, instead they are in the mindset of rushing and possibly cutting corners.

This means that the obvious parts of your home may well get cleaned, yet the areas of your home that are less obvious, well they may get ignored.

This can mean smudge marks on windows, areas under the dining room table still has crumbs and also dust accumulating across the home.

We are different, as one of Newport’s leading residential cleaning businesses we instead offer a different type of service. That is we aim to retain our customers for as long as possible.

This may sound common sense from a business perspective, however by offering a top quality service we have managed to continually grow our cleaning company.

We are based here within the city of Newport, within South Wales, and we offer a commercial and domestic cleaning service.