Make the most of the summer weather

Make the most of the summer weather


Let’s face it, when the summer weather is here, no homeowner wants to be stuck indoors attending to their domestic duties.

What we really want to be doing, is finishing work then going to the beach or a park  to enjoy the sunshine.

And that’s exactly what hiring a cleaner can allow you do. So, instead of putting off going out an enjoying the summer, you can have more free time by hiring one of our domestic cleaners.

Newport domestic cleaning

Now a lot of homeowners get put off hiring a cleaner because they fear it will cost a lot. However, we charge some of the most competitive prices you are likely to find within Newport.

So, if you’ve always fancied somebody else hoovering the floors, tidying the kitchen, or cleaning the inside of windows, well now is the time.

All done and dusted while you are at work

If the drone of the hoover drives you nuts, or the thought of removing those stubborn food stains off the oven seems like too much to tolerate, this is where we can help.

While you are busy at work, we can be busy cleaning your house from top to bottom.

This way when you come through the door, you will be pleasantly surprised by the impressive progress our domestic cleaning team have made.

End of tenancy cleans

Let’s be fair, some tenants can leave some properties worse for wears. This means that a property may need an extra clean, to bring your property back up to a clean standard.

This is where we can help, within Newport, South Wales, like most cities there are a vast number of rental properties that need to be cleaned. So if you are a landlord, and you are looking for an end of tenancy cleaner, then we will be the business for you.

Domestic cleaning taken to a new level

So many homeowners are fed up with cleaning businesses that employ lacklustre staff. We are talking about the type of cleaning business which thinks its acceptable to quickly hoover up for a few minutes.

Whilst in the corners, and the hard to reach areas like under the dining room chairs, lurks all manner of crumbs and dust.

We think such domestic cleans are a complete waste of time, that’s because before you can blink the property will need another clean.

This is where our domestic cleaning business, based within Newport is very different. We believe value for money counts for everything, and we aim right from the beginning to retain our customers for as long as possible.

So you will not our cleaners trying to do the minimum, instead we employ cleaners that enjoy their work and take pride in working for a business that has a loyal group of customers.

If you like the sound of our cleaning services, then why not give us a call today?