Is your domestic cleaning business charging you too much?

Is your domestic cleaning business charging you too much?

It’s often the case that many homeowners stay with the same cleaning business for many years.

With that said, sometimes some cleaning businesses can also steadily ramp up their costs.

What may start out as an appealing price in order to draw in new customers, may soon turn out to be rather expensive.

We operate totally differently. We have a large team of cleaners, but we are not a large national cleaning business, neither are we a franchise business.

This is important, and that’s because we do not have high overheads. We can therefore offer our customers affordable prices.

Our domestic cleaning prices are some of the most affordable that you are likely to find. So, no matter if you want your oven hob cleaned on a one-off basis, or you would like a weekly clean of your home, we can help.

Why pay over the odds?

So, if your cleaning business has recently written to you, explaining that costs will increase, why not give us a ring?

We have dedicated and hardworking cleaners

What makes our business outshine the competition, is our group of dedicated and hardworking cleaners.

We are fortunate enough to have a hardworking team that has stayed with us for a long time.   

Why not give the team a call today?

If you are looking to get your home cleaned on a regular basis, why not give us a ring today?