How we keep our customers happy over the long term

How we keep our customers happy over the long term


It’s a difficult decision to make, that’s knowing which cleaning business to choose. After all, every customer wants to ensure that they are getting a good deal, whilst using a cleaning business that they can trust.

Sure, there’s always going to be some cleaning companies that offer gimmicky sales tactics, like receiving your first clean for free.

But most of all, most homeowners don’t want to receive a special offer, they instead want a business that they can use for a long time.

This is why we aim with every single one of our customers to offer a service that will exceed our customer’s expectations.

Here’s how our cleaning business goes the extra mile to retain our customers:

Competitive prices

It’s a fact that some national cleaning businesses will have high overheads. The cost of therefore running a fleet of modern vehicles, flashy marketing campaigns and paying for large offices all be passed on to the customer.

We are different, we are a cleaning business that is based here within Newport. Our overheads are not excessive, therefore we can offer our customers competitive prices.

Friendly, hardworking team

We carefully vet all of our staff. We only employ staff that enjoy what they do, and take great pride in their work.

We therefore aim to keep our customers for a long time, as well as our valued employees as well.

On time

A lot of our customers like their homes to be cleaned while they are busy at work. Therefore, as many of our customers finish at different times of the day, we will need to carefully manage our time, this is to ensure that we are punctual.

We therefore offer a reliable service, one that our customers know they will be guaranteed a good service.

A domestic cleaning service that you can rely on

Most of all we ensure that we offer our customers value for money.