How much will it cost to get my home cleaned?

How much will it cost to get my home cleaned?


Most people would like their homes cleaned while they are at work, however some homeowners may be put off because they believe such a service will be too expensive.

However, we can offer competitively priced cleaning packages to all of our customers within Newport.

We can clean any type of property, that’s whether you have a small one bedroom flat, or you have a large house within Newport.

The purpose of this article is to inform you about what we consider when offering our customers a cleaning quote.

How frequently would you like your home cleaned?

Some customers will only want their homes cleaned once a week, however we have some other customers that want their home cleaned every day of the week.

Most of our customers specify what they would like cleaned on each visit by our cleaners, for example they may want us to hoover the whole house three times a week, and then possibly clean the homes windows once a week for example.

Once we know what you would like cleaned, we can often estimate how many hours are required, and offer you a quote.

What would you like cleaned?

A lot of our customers have different requirements, for example some customers may just want us to focus on cleaning the kitchen and main living rooms each day.

Some other customers will request that the whole house is deep cleaned each week. We can offer a cleaning service for just two hours a week or sometimes our customers will require two cleaners for four hours every few days.

What days would you like us to attend?

Some of our customers would prefer for us to clean the home on the weekends as well, sometimes this can affect how much we charge for our cleaning services.

We offer competitive cleaning prices

We offer very competitive cleaning prices within Newport. To receive a no obligation quote, why not call us?