“Can you tell me how much it will cost to get my home cleaned?”

“Can you tell me how much it will cost to get my home cleaned?”


Many people are finding that because of their work commitments, that they simply do not have the time to do what they wanted to do after work. Whether that’s going to the gym, or simply giving the kitchen a good clean.

However, more and more homeowners within Newport, are now using our domestic cleaning service in order to help them to save time.

We offer truly affordable prices, and we have a highly experienced and friendly team that work for us.

Here’s what we can offer to you:

  • Newport domestic cleaning service
  • We can clean any sized home
  • From Rogerstone through to the city centre, we cover the whole of Newport
  • Affordable monthly prices
  • Friendly and established cleaning business
  • We also offer end of tenancy cleans if you are a landlord


Here’s how we calculate how much it will cost to clean a home


How many hours are required?

As most people would expect, the cost to clean your home on a routine basis, is based on how many hours are required.

Sometimes for some customers, this can be difficult to estimate accurately, as some days some customers may want different cleaning tasks carried out.

Yet, one thing is for sure, no matter how many hours cleaning you require, we will always ensure that we offer superb value for money.

Over how many days?

Some of our customers will only want their homes cleaned once a week, however many customers prefer for our cleaners to visit their homes more regularly.

We can therefore clean your home at a time that’s best suited to you.  

Why not let us provide you with an estimate?

No matter where your home is located within Newport, we can help. We offer no obligation quotes, so why not give us a ring?