Calling all landlords- are you looking for an end of tenancy cleaner?

Calling all landlords- are you looking for an end of tenancy cleaner?


It’s fair to state that some rental properties can be left in a right state, that’s after the tenants have been and gone.

Grubby cookers, kitchens that have been neglected for a long time, as well as carpets covered in masses of dog hair! These are just some of the problems that may await some landlords.

So, in order to rectify this, most landlords need a reliable end of tenancy cleaning business, one which is reliable and also affordable.

We work with landlords and also letting agencies

That’s right, we don’t just offer a domestic cleaning service, we also offer other services as well.

For example, we offer an office cleaning service, as well as offering to undertake end of tenancy cleans.

We can therefore work with either landlords, or letting agencies to ensure that your properties look in tip top condition.

Large army of cleaners

Sometimes a customer will call a cleaning business, only to find that they have to wait multiple days or even weeks.

With us things are different, we have a team of cleaners, which can clean any sized property and often at short notice.

Elbow grease

Sometimes some cleaning businesses advertise that they offer a high quality end of tenancy cleaning service.

Yet, sometimes these businesses can fall down at the first hurdle. What we mean by this is some businesses believe a quick run around with the hoover, and a few wipes here and there will suffice.

What can happen is that a new tenant may well be straight on the phone to the letting agency, stating they are unhappy with the condition of the property.

We are different, we put a bit of elbow grease into all that we do. This way the property will look cleaner, and provide more of a welcome for your new tenants.

Cost effective domestic cleaning service

No matter if you wish to have a property cleaned on a regular basis, or just on a one off basis, like a end of tenancy clean. We can help.

We offer a reliable, and also an affordable service. So if you need a domestic cleaner, within Newport, then why not give us a ring?