Are you looking for a new cleaning company to clean your office?

Are you looking for a new cleaning company to clean your office?


Finding the right company to clean your office can sure be difficult, after all you want a reliable company, but also for the cleaning service to also be cost effective as well.

By choosing us you will be sure your business is going to receive excellent value for money. We can clean the following types of business premises:

  • Offices
  • Retail spaces, such as supermarkets

Why should we choose your cleaning business?

There are now so many commercial cleaning businesses to choose from, yet we believe we offer Newport based businesses a distinct advantage when they choose us.

That’s because here within Newport we have a management team, we can therefore carry out spot checks on our cleaner’s work.

This is to ensure that we are offering excellent value for money, for all the companies that we work for.

We also have the capability to clean small office buildings, as well as large offices, that may be call centres for example.

How competitive are your prices?

We offer some of the most competitive cleaning prices that you are likely to find within Cardiff, or Newport.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of Newport, as well as the whole of Cardiff. We also offer our cleaning services to the residential sector as well.

What makes your cleaning company so different?

We pride ourselves on having a highly reliable workforce, we also offer excellent customer service because our management team is locally based here within Newport.

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