A domestic cleaning service with a difference

A domestic cleaning service with a difference


When you think about all the different cleaning companies, you may believe they are all of a muchness.

However we are very different, and that’s because we ensure that we offer excellent value for money through having a motivated, and dedicated team of cleaners.

Some cleaning business try to get away with doing the absolute minimum, however we will never accept this approach. Here’s how we can offer you excellent value for money.


We ensure that we offer a reliable service. We appreciate the fact that when our customers state they want their homes cleaned on a certain date, at a certain time, that they rely on us to do just that.

This is why we ensure we offer a reliable domestic cleaning service. This way when you finish work, you will be greeted by a nice, clean home.

High standards

A lot of cleaning businesses let standards slip. This can lend itself to scruffy offices, and also disappointed homeowners that feel that they have wasted their money.

This is why we set high standards, and all our domestic cleaners know that we carry out random spot checks to ensure that homes are being cleaned to our high standards.

Cost effective

So many homeowners change cleaning businesses, because some decide to steadily increase their charges.

However we believe that we should offer a fee that is fair and which offers value for money.

Domestic cleaners Newport

When looking for domestic cleaners within Newport, you may find some companies appear like local cleaning businesses.

However, some companies are managed nationally. We are different, we are based right here within Newport, and we believe that has some clear advantages to our customers.

The advantages offered are that our management team regularly checks our cleaners work, to ensure that high standards are being upheld.

Value for money

We believe that we offer a superior service when compared to many other companies. Our prices are also likely to be the most competitive that you are likely to find within Newport.

From 1-bedroom apartments, through to larger homes

No matter what sized property you own, we can offer to clean your home as regular as you would like.

We aim to retain our customers for as long as possible

This may sound like common sense, and something that all companies aim for. However we only employ motivated cleaners, this means that they believe in offering a reliable service where some other companies do not.

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